Game Evolution

For one year I gave talks on my work at Gameloft with the objective to bring the attention from young talent to come and work with us.


Now that the game distribution is digital and it’s easier to delvier new content or patches, we can not see the games like an static entity which can not change over time. The new games can evolve through time adding or removing content. This not only reduces the risk, it also can increase the engament with a current cautive¬†players. Thus we see that companies like Nintendo are starting to deliver DLCs like other companies.

A book called Game as a Service explains a bit about this paradigma chage that it’s not better or worst than seeing them as products it’s just a different and valid approach that fit’s better to the current market. A lot of people usually think about freemium when we talk about games as services but MMOs with a subscription model are also a service. The freemium in princip is not bad it’s just bad monetization design what it makes it bad. Not long ago I went to the GDC Next and the guys from Start Treck MMO which uses a freemium model with a very special monetization design. They realized that there are two kind of players the ones that have plenity of time to play the game and the ones that can play just from time to time but have plenity of money to spend in the game so the interesting aproach they took for the monetization design was to create two currencies, one that will be just obtained by purchasing currency with real money and other that would only obtained by playing the game for long hours. They also allowed the people to set the exchange rate between the currency with the idea of letting the game economy auto regulated and reach an economic equilibrium base on the principles of the free market.

The episodic Game approach seems to be also an interesting idea, since it easier to balance a game and not end in the pay to win corner. I think that this approach has not been exploited to it’s maximum and that there are some genera that could take advantage of this approach. Blizzard is a great example that not only makes the game evolve but also uses an episodic aproach to deliver the content of StarCraft. Beside that I don’t think premium games are going to disapear, I just think that we have more posibilities than we used to have in the past.



Evolve or Die!

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